General Studies plays very important role in all competitive exams. If we talk about all exams conducted by UPSC only, we will find it has big weightage. In NDA exam also, your  good base of general studies will help you a lot in making strong your base and will increase probability of clearing NDA exam. If being asked to speak neutrally; I would say that  knowledge of our surrounding will help us in all aspects of our life. When we understand things in our surroundings, we feel confident. This confident personality will always get upper edge in SSB interview. If you read about SSB Interview Preparation, you will find lots of activities are being conducted in five days interview cum personality test session and all are to judge your personality.

Currently our Educational system  it does not give much emphasis on this aspect. General Studies sharpens talent and new thinking. If we want to move towards progress, general studies should be foundation. All competitive exams of India encourages students to have current awreness and thus make it popular among students. NDA asprants should not take this paper as a difficult part , its not so. Its  impossible to solve it. Only you need to have right approach..


If you want to clear NDA exam or any other competitive exam , you should read newspaper and magznines on regular basis. In-fact, reading should be routine of your life and one hindi or English newspaper of national paper must be read by each aspirant. Here, only aspirant word is sufficient as it is applicable on all whosoever  want to appear in any of the competitive exam. It doesnot make any difference whether it is  IAS, PCS, IBPSexams , NDA, CAT or MAT, in each one you will find one section of General Studies. So get ready as only subject specific technical knowledge will not be sufficient to see your name in successful candidates of NDA result